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How we apply the

We use the scientific method to create and refine criteria and strategy. That’s why we specialize in creating measurable, goal-oriented campaigns that include the following cycles:



The first step is to evaluate your current marketing efforts to understand what is working. Next, we define the special sauce that differentiates you, who your target clients are, and which metrics are most important to focus on for a successful campaign.



Once we have identified the knowns, we strategize to create the most effective imagery, messaging, and partnerships that ensure the best possible campaign performance.



In this stage we do the work that will help us run a seamless campaign. Depending on the project, this can include creating branding guideline documents, messaging strategies, external partnership agreements, crafting templated emails, creating landing pages, and/or curating original content.



Once the materials and guidelines needed to successfully run your campaign have been prepared, we are officially ready to launch your program with confidence.



Key data points determined in the Assessment and Hypothesis stages are systematically recorded throughout the longevity of our contract. This provides a long history of data to review as your goals become more refined and your campaigns scale.



Collecting and reviewing data exposes trends. We utilize those findings to curate stronger focus groups, create stronger hypotheses and determine criteria that yields improved results.



When you know why you are generating more revenue than you invest, the logical next step is to scale (and you’ll love to watch your bottom-line increase with each increment of growth).